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When we were building the bookcase for my son’s room, we purchased, but ended up not using this large cabinet door.

This bad boy sat around our garage for 5 years waiting to have a spot in our home.  I knew I wanted to turn it into a chalkboard and I hate to admit it, but this was one of those projects that took no time at all to do and forever for me to get around to doing.

First off, I wiped down the door really well.  I wanted to get off any major grime, but I wasn’t looking for perfection.  The door is already a cream color with some chipped edges that I think are a part of it’s charm.

The back side is a darker cream and the edges have old dried paint dripped on it (more “charm”). I didn’t think it needed to be re-painted.  I was going for rustic and many of the rougher details are hidden when it’s hanging on the wall.

I left the original hinges intact; look at the layers of paint!

Again… I wish I had photos of the process, but it was so easy.  I taped off the edges and covered them in newspaper to protect from any overspray.  This left only the center panel exposed.  Following the can instructions, I applied a few light coats minutes apart.  After an hour, I added one last coat for good measure.  Done!

Since this was a door, I still needed a way to hang it on our laundry room wall.  Once the paint had cured, Tyson came to my rescue by drilling out two notched holes and reinforcing them.


Originally, the door already had one hole drilled in for a knob, but I wanted to use this oil-rubbed bronze handle, so Tyson drilled a second hole to make it work.  He’s seriously the best!

There you have it.  Our weekend project (with paint dry time) was 5 years in the making.  And now you can’t click on Pinterest without seeing something painted in chalkboard paint.  It’s a really great piece and I love having it in my laundry room.  We also hung hooks for coats and backpacks on the wall below the chalkboard/door so that the area could function as an after school drop zone.

Are you doing any interesting projects with chalkboard paint?  I’d love to hear your ideas.