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Last night my husband had dinner with his Dad.  Over the last few years, this has become a weekly event.  Frank’s health has been steadily declining and their father/son dinners have become increasingly important to Tyson.  So it was extra cool when his step-mom, Patty, sent him home with a box full of goodies that we were all really excited about.  She had been cleaning out their Breakfront when she came across some items that she thought Tyson might like to have.

The first was this board game from when Tyson was a kid.  It’s in amazing condition!  I know a few Battlestar Galactica fans that are going to be a little jealous.

Patty also sent him home with this X-acto set.  Although it looks a little lethal, Tyson comes from a family of artists and this is a great set for carving and sculpting.  Yeah… that doesn’t make it sound any less lethal.

She also gave Tyson his Dad’s harmonica.  My man is very musical and this harmonica meant a lot for him to receive.

It has some amazing detail.

Even the box is in good condition and really cool.

We want to get it cleaned up and find a special spot in our home for it. However, I don’t think it will be sitting on a shelf collecting dust.  Rather, I think someone will be learning to play a new instrument.

Tyson also brought home this rather hammered box that got us all intrigued.

Inside, wrapped in some very old newspaper, we found these handmade chess pieces.

Patty thought that the chess set was something that Tyson’s mom had made and something that he should have.  However, she didn’t know anything else about the set and Tyson didn’t remember it at all.

So it looks like I’ll be giving my mother-in-law, Carolyn, a call to get the full story.  Stay tuned!