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My post title comes to you courteous of my daughter, Tess.  We’ve just returned home from a weekend at one of my favorite places on earth: the Oregon Coast.  Beautiful Chaos was how she described our stunning surroundings during our last walk on the beach.

We giggled and squealed A LOT trying to get this shot without getting wet.

And we had some much needed family time together.

Because of our recent trip, I thought it might be a fun time to share some pillows that I made from vintage map textiles that I picked up at Cannon Beach.

A while back, Martha Stewart Living did a feature on decorating with vintage map textiles. 18th Century Tea Towels were originally used for drying fine china.  However, cotton printed tea towels gained popularity in the late 40’s and 50’s and those with maps are still sold as fun souvenirs.  I really like this “old school” look; for some reason it reminds me of my grandparents… most likely, because they often collected things like this from their travels.

The first one is a linen napkin of Washington & Oregon by Moda Home… I LOVE Moda’s line of fabrics! The colors are a bit more muted and will work well in our family room.

The second is a kitchen towel of the State of Oregon; vibrant and fun! They are both really cute, but I want to have them in separate rooms.  This one is perfect for our formal living room.

Sewing pillows is incredibly easy and these ones were no exception.  I wanted to keep these simple and let the print speak for itself.  I opted out of any welting or decorative trim.  I used some left over faux suede to back each pillow.

This project came together quickly after cutting the fabric to 20″ squares and machine stitching them together.  Once the pillow form is inserted, I normal hand stitch the opening closed.  However, since this was for our home, I wanted to see how Steam-A-Seam 2 would handle.  It was, in a word: Amazing!

I pressed the edges which warmed the fabric and allowed me to apply the fusible web strip. I then carefully covered it with the adjoining fabric and ironed again for 15 seconds.  Done! If you use Steam-A-Seam, take care to not get it on your iron.  Trust me… it’s not pretty.

The first pillow has had lots of love in our family room.

The second pillow is a great addition to our window seat.

And if we ever create a rock band, we can call it Beautiful Chaos.  This can be the cover of our first album.