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I’m a procrastinator.  No… like, I’m really good at it.  And not just procrastinating, but I’m also pretty good at getting a project 90% finished, but not completely following through.  I tell you this, not because I’m particularly proud of this fact, but because I’m becoming increasingly aware of it… especially as I walk into each room of our home.

I’m also a perfectionist.  I’ve heard that procrastination and perfectionism like to hang out together and I think there’s a lot of truth in that.  I often find that I leave things unfinished until I find the perfect (fill in the blank) or until I can get things just “perfect”. Neither attitude is very helpful in getting things done.

One such unfinished project hangs in our family room.  A few years back, we hung this framed photo collage.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the Oregon Coast and we have some great photos from there.  I’d been collecting the frames for several months when Tyson printed and filled them for me one weekend when I was out of town.  We then went back and forth on the arrangement until we came up with one that we both could agree on.

Quick tip: we placed the frames on the carpet and rearranged and rearranged until we decided on a configuration that we both liked.  It spared our arms and our wall from too many nail holes.

When we had everything set, we decided that we wanted one last frame on the end.

I picked this one up from IKEA and hung it. But it STILL has no photo in it.  That’s right… I’ve had a picture frame with no photo in it, hanging on my wall for YEARS.  I rationalized that I’ve left it blank because I haven’t found a photo that I love just as much as the others.  But I’ve been back to the coast several times and still haven’t managed to fill the frame.  With our last weekend trip, I was determined to bring back a photo and get this project DONE.

There were a lot of dynamic photos to choose from.  Like this one…

And this one…

But ultimately I went with this one…

We already have shots of natural elements… water, sand, grass… I thought it would be nice to add rock.

I also like balancing out the darker print on the right with a darker print on the left.

As I write this blog, my goal is to become less of a procrastinator and to keep my perfectionism in check.  Providing good content, in a timely manner, is important to me and I feel compelled to follow through so that you can read a story from start to finish… simple enough, right?