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I’m currently kicking around a couple of ideas for the newsprint I salvaged from here. But before getting too excited about my plans, I wanted to be sure that I would be able to press out the wrinkles and have something to actually work with.

I did a quick google search to find out what techniques were out there for ironing newspaper so that I wouldn’t ruin my iron or the paper.

Short Story:  During my search, I discovered that having ones butler iron the morning paper was once a common practice. Apparently, it makes the newspaper easier to read by smoothing out the creases and insures that the ink is thoroughly dry and won’t rub off on the readers fingers.  Who knew?!

True Story: I’m not a fan of ironing and I celebrate that I live in an era where it’s not expected to iron your sheets let alone your daily paper.

So back to the task at hand… pressing the newsprint was just as easy as ironing a piece of fabric.  I had selected several sheets from the unwrapped chess set and they have been hanging out under a couple of heavy books.

I placed an old pillow case down just in case I had any issues.  Then I placed the crumpled newspaper down on top of that.

One site suggested using parchment paper as a layer of protection between the iron and the paper so I tried that.  I’m not sure that it was really necessary, but since the paper is over 40 years old, I went with it.  Before pressing, I made another quick check to be sure there were no “surprise folds” that I would be ironing into the paper. (I’ve been known to do that to clothing.)

With my iron set on medium-high, I ironed away.  The results weren’t perfect, but it came out pretty great for what I’m needing.

The blue on the paper is something that was already there and not transfer from the fabric underneath.

I continued to repeat the process and had no problems with any of the pages.

The newsprint is hanging out under the heavy books again until I’m ready for the next step.  Now that I know I have smooth paper to work with, I’m off to get the additional supplies for my weekend project.  Do you have any big plans for the weekend or projects to co