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This weekend both of our kids are participating in the 30-Hour Famine.  The event designed to support World Vision invites the youth group to collect financial pledges and raises awareness about hunger, poverty and injustice throughout the world.  The participants have their last meal at lunch on Friday, spend the night at church, are involved in a service project that helps others in our community and break the fast together with dinner Saturday evening.  It’s a great event that the kids look forward to every year and it helps an amazing organization.

This is the 3rd year our son has been involved in the famine and the first year for our daughter.  It is also the first year that Tyson and I found ourselves home alone for 24 hours.  Ironically, we went out to eat… twice.

We originally planned to go out Friday evening and celebrate Tyson’s birthday.

And in the middle of that, we decided to grab breakfast and go check out The Rebuilding Center early Saturday morning.  We are currently finishing the redesign of Tyson’s studio; we were looking for inspiration and to see if we could find any cabinets to repurpose for the space.

So while my kiddos were doing something completely selfless, we met up with Tyson’s cousin and his family for breakfast at Pine State Biscuit.  We had heard about it on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives and “The Reggie” is even more delicious than Guy Fieri describes.

You are looking at fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and sausage gravy, sandwiched on a homemade biscuit.  We are the worst… I know.

We then went to The Rebuilding Center and went exploring.  Tyson is wanting to install a counter height workstation and we are looking for something pretty custom.

They have aisles and aisles of stunning doors.  And there is tons of tile that we’d love to come back and check-out when we are ready to redo our kitchen backsplash.  Also, they have loads of cabinets.

Tyson really liked this set.

Check out the interesting hinges.

My favorite was this stereo cabinet.

My grandparents had one like this when I was growing up.  It’s cabinet speakers with a radio and turntable inside.

$10 bucks!  Someone… please go buy this and tell me it has a new home.

I also loved this vintage cabinet with a built-in ironing board.  I so wish we had the wall space to take this with us.

But the really contender was this kitchen cabinet that we were considering for the studio.

Since the wall space we are filling is 11.5 feet wide, we would need to get his friend too.

They are 40″ tall, a foot deep, and in really great shape.  We asked them to hold them for us and went home to see how they would work in our plans.

We’ve since come to the conclusion that it will look too pieced together and not line-up well with the existing wall structures.  We have two contractors coming out to give us bids for the built-in’s, but the more we discuss it, the more I think we may end up doing this project ourselves.  If that’s the case… you’ll definitely hear ALL about it here.

But the true weekend inspiration came as we were driving home.  Our kids called to say that they were at our house with part of the youth group.  They were raiding the kitchen cabinets to collect food to donate as a part of their service project.  The ridiculous irony in all of this is almost too much for words.  As we were out looking to improve our home, the kids were out trying to improve their world.  Life is all about perspective and I’m so glad that they are developing one that is well beyond themselves.

Hmmm…. I’ve just discovered our half eaten jar of peanut butter is missing… this proud mama needs to go check the church donation box.