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When we started remodeling the studio, we knew that we were going to need new flooring. Because the studio is a built-in above the garage, it left low ceilings in the carports below. This made it difficult to have overhead garage door openers.  The solution that the previous owners came up with was to hang the openers upside down.  Yes… upside down… so that the motor was popping through the floor of the studio. They framed in and drywalled around the motors, leaving weird boxes on the floor and limiting furniture arrangement.  There was a box in two of the three rooms. Fast forward a decade later and we were able to install side mount openers in the garage and get additional floor space back in the studio.  Rather than patching 10 year old carpeting, we went with new laminate flooring.

The walls where the boxes were located needed some repair too.  You can see the outline of one of the boxes in the replacement sheet rock that Tyson installed.

It would’ve been easy to patch, paint the area and call it a day, but we decided to use this as an opportunity to do something interesting to the walls.

We love molding and have done several decorative upgrades like this wall and mantel in our family room.

For the Workroom, I wanted to do something a little different.  When I saw that Teal & Lime installed board & batten in her dining room, I loved the solution for our wall.

The Before:

Tyson began by getting sheets of board and cutting them down to the size needed for the space.

Quick note:  Ok… this is not the room we installed board & batten in. I managed to delete the photos of the board progress in the Workroom… Yay me! We hung board in here at the same time as we are prepping it for a different studio project.  It’s the same idea…

Tyson cut out space for the outlets and cable jack.

We glued and nailed up the board.  Bye-bye last remaining trace of garage openers.

About this point on Day 1, I needed to take our daughter to rehearsal for a concert she was performing in that evening.  When Tyson arrived for the event, he showed me this photo of the installed batten.  I might have squealed and not just because the concert was starting.  The wall looks amazing!

Day 2: Time to prep.  Honestly, the longest part of the entire process was caulking all of the joints.  But the finished results were SO worth it.

Me & My Paint Crew:

I might need a new paint crew…

After the wall was prepped, I was ready for primer.  Tyson had used a high gloss board and we needed something for the paint to grab onto.  Good thing they make Gripper Primer.

The instructions state to sand the area before applying, but I wanted a really smooth surface so I did a test sample.  Even with a fine grade sandpaper, the scuff was coming through more than I wanted it to. I risked it and painted the wall without sanding it.  No problem.  I’m so glad we used the Gripper Primer.  It gave us enough texture for the paint to stick to, but helped us achieve the ultra-smooth look we were going for.

Day 3: Paint.  I applied three light coats of Behr semi-gloss in “Artist Canvas” and I LOVE the results.

Now I REALLY want to add this treatment somewhere else in the house.

The finished wall came out better than I had imagined.

For your comparison:

This was the last major element we had to finish in this section of the studio and I’m so glad it’s complete.  Up next… a full view of this workroom and creative space.