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One of my primary goals with this blog is to share home pieces that have a unique history behind them.  But not just in my home… I’m interested in hearing about stories from your home as well.

So when I saw this Houndstooth Pouf, by Beth from Sunshine on the Inside, I knew it was something I wanted to feature and share with you.

Beth created this beautiful Houndstooth Pouf for her son’s room and not only did she use incredible fabric (I LOVE the Houndstooth!) the really story is in what she used to fill it.

Instead of using standard stuffing, she filled it with clothing items that hold special meaning.  I think we all have those t-shirts, jackets, and things that we no longer wear, but we can’t part with because of their significance.  They remind us of an important point in life.  Beth was able to find a new home for those things… filler for the Pouf.

Now she not only has more closet space, but she’s added a functional and beautiful piece to her home.  So cute! I definitely want to try this.

Thank you to Beth for allowing me to share her great idea with you.  Please check out her amazing blog, Sunshine on the Inside.  She is extremely creative and has done some really neat things with chalkboard paint.

And if you have a piece in your home with an interesting story, please submit it for my new section “Feature Story”.  I would love to know about it and share it here!