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I’m a huge fan of Design*Sponge, so when I was setting up my Tweeter account I was sure to follow Grace Bonney and her team.  One night not too long after, I was intrigued by a retweet of theirs.  It originated from @SupaFreshYFarm… they were selling 800 t-shirts and wanted to know if Design*Sponge could help them out.  Curious, I clicked on the link and was taken to a Kickstarter page for a youth farm in my own backyard.

If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it is a site that helps people raise funds for creative endeavors.  If you have a project and need investment capital, Kickstarter can help you raise it.  You give a detailed purposal of what you are needing funding for and offer up incentives for others to contribute to.  Interested parties can go on your page and make a pledge toward your project.  If you don’t reach your funding goal, no money is exchanged.  If you do, the money is sent and your contributors receive whatever it is that they “purchased” based on their pledge.  Win-win.  If you haven’t checked Kickstarter out before, it’s a pretty cool site.

Anyhow, Supa Fresh Youth Farm is a part of the alternative education program in our local school district.  The students involved with the farm have worked to clear away land and started growing greens and flowers to then be sold at the local farmer’s market.  The kids are getting an amazing opportunity to learn about growing plants (something I know very little about), nutrition, and entrepreneurship.

When I heard about the program, I immediately pledged for a tee and then contacted the director, Mia Bartlett.  She explained that due to state budget cuts, their program was going to be limited on the summer internships that they would be providing.  The sale of the tee’s would offset some of those cuts and help them provide additional opportunities for the students.  I can’t even fully express how awesome this is.  Seeing these kids come up with such a creative way to keep a program going that they are passionate about is so inspiring!

And the creativity doesn’t stop there.  I had the chance this week to tour the farm when I picked up my tee (their Kickstarter Project was fully funded!) and it was amazing!

There are beautiful beds throughout the farm.

And nothing is wasted.  If branches need to be pruned, they find a new use for them.

Found objects get new purpose too.

Original art has been created and can be spotted throughout the farm.

I even learned about a new way to plant tomatoes: in alfalfa bales.  It helps with the crop and then the bales break open for ground cover at the end of the the season.

A couple of my absolute favorite sitings were the old farm equipment…

…and this Spiral Herb Garden.

I also got to meet Dixie.  She is the sweetest pup and I was told that the students love her! I’d guess the feeling is pretty mutual.

It was a beautiful Oregon day and a great place to just be.  And as for my shirt… the tee was designed by one of the students and I love it!

For those in the Tigard/Tualatin area, the Supa Fresh Youth Farm is kicking off their 3rd summer beginning June 15th at the Tualatin Farmer’s Market.  They will also be participating in the Tigard/Tualatin Schools Foundation Garden Tour & Art Show June 16th.  And I also heard that they just dropped off a bunch of shirts at Whole Foods in Tigard.

All great ways to support an amazing organization!