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Last week I found myself with a few extra minutes and so I dropped into our local Marshall’s.  There are a few things that I am currently on the hunt for, but when I saw this pillow I knew I had to get it.  It’s a little cutesy, but it was just too perfect to pass up.

Awesome, right?!  I really like the saying and it’s the right colors for our home.

But then I got it home, added it to the window seat and I’m kinda feeling like the blue pillows are looking out of place now.

They’re a transplant from the family room so back they’ll go.

And off to JoAnn’s I went.  I was looking for a new chocolate colored fabric for 20″ pillow forms that I already have.  This is what I found.

I like that the diamond design repeats the pattern in the window seat cushions.

Adding new pillows is one of the easiest updates to do.  I cut 4 – 20″ squares, paying close attention to capture the pattern exactly the same in each square.  Pattern matching is important to creating a quality look and especially so with a design like this.  If the pattern is off, your eye will catch it immediately.

I then pinned the fabric (right sides together) and stitched the perimeter leaving a 8″ gap to wrestle the form into the cover.  Also, before turning my new covers right-side out and adding the pillow forms, I snipped the corners to keep them from getting bulky.

Once the forms are inserted into the pillow covers, it’s just a matter of whip stitching them closed.

I was really happy with how these came out and even more so when I added them to the window seat.

I know it’s a small difference, but it was an easy change to make and I like the continuity in the final look.

Also, because I made sure to line up the pattern when I was cutting the fabric, the seams came out nicely too.

And the absolute best part is finishing a project and getting these pillow forms out of our guest room closet.  Yay for less clutter and better design!

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