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I thought I’d round out my week discussing all things bloggy by telling you about an event that I was able to attend Wednesday night.  It was hosted by Kirsten (from Restored Style) and Jenn (of A Home in the Making) as an opportunity for design & home bloggers in the Portland area to get together.  After all, blogging is a social medium and yet we rarely physically meet the people we interact with on the internet.   Why not get together and actually hang out?  Genius!

We met up at Seek the Unique and I officially have a new favorite store.  It’s owned by Andrea Jones who is intensely passionate about vintage home decor.  She is constantly on the look out for items that need to be rescued, repurposed or restored, but she truly takes it to an art form.  Andrea shared with us several projects in the store that have her fingerprints all over them… each more incredible than the last.  And she is the nicest gal you should meet.

There was so much eye candy, I literally didn’t even see these crosses until I got home and uploaded my photos.  I was trying to capture the stunning frame and the chaise in the background.  Seriously… there is just SO much good stuff to see!

As I wandered around the shop, I found and had to buy this cool booklet.  It’s old-school DIY, baby.

How neat is that?!

The evening included a delicious dinner catered by The Lamb’s Table. Yummy Pacific Northwest Cuisine!

And in attendance were 14 of the most creative bloggers from the Portland area that I’ve had the privilege to meet.  It was a night filled with lots of laughter and sharing of stories. We talked about what we love about writing, our frustrations, how social media is changing us… and the world.  And I think I made a few new local friends.  I can’t wait to read thru their blogs and be inspired by their unique take on life and the city we live in.

If you’re interested in checking them out, I’m including links to their sites below.  The content includes thoughts on family, paper crafting, home decor, renovation and design.

The first two have already posted some stunning pics of the event.  I highly recommend you check them out!

Next week, I have some adventures in painting that I’ve been dying to share. I definitely got quite the education.  Yay for learning things the hard way!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  Peace!