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This week we are finishing some of the smaller details on the bookcase and getting ready to completely load it.  There are two shelves that had to be painted and installed before we could wrap things up.  They’ll go here:

I painted the shelves when I did the counter, so the next step was installing them.

However, Home Depot doesn’t carry black shelf pegs and white ones were standing out like sore thumbs.  So it was time to get my spray paint on.

This isn’t our first time spraying small items and Tyson already had this “paint station” set-up in the garage for such an occasion.  It’s a stretched out wire clothes hanger that hooks on a nail when it’s needed.  It’s highly technical.

To prep the pegs to hang and spray, I laid out a strip of tape and added them to it by the interior post.

Then I was able to fold the tape over leaving just the areas I wanted painted exposed.

It was hung on the wire and I got ready to spray.  Tyson thought they looked like teeth. Not for long…

Tip #1 –  Always count your parts before you paint.  For some reason I had an odd number hanging here.  And then I found a peg in the deep part of my pocket.  They’re tiny little suckers.

Tip #2 –  Make sure you have all the supplies before starting.  As I went to spray these guys with paint we had in storage, wouldn’t you know, the can was clogged.  And we had no paint thinner on hand to clean the tip.  I REALLY didn’t want to make ANOTHER trip to Home Depot.  (Did I mention it would’ve been my 5th trip this week?)

We did have chalkboard paint and high gloss sealant, so I improvised with that.

After posting about the importance of using the correct paint for the job, you would think that I would be more of a stickler about this.  However, we just needed the pegs black and once they’re installed they won’t be bumped and moved so I cheated.  And it totally worked!

We were able to hang the shelves with pegs that perfectly blend in with the rest of the bookcase.

The first shelf is in and will eventually have glass doors in front of it.

The second shelf is also in, but I have more to share with you about this spot next week.

We have done some custom work that is either brilliant or totally weird.  I’ll let you decide.