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This past weekend we started reloading our daughter’s room and designing storage solutions for the space.  I have a ton to share over a few posts, so let’s get started.

First on the agenda was reinstalling Tessa’s closet shelving and doors.  As much as I liked the openness of having the dresser in the closet, I can’t get over how much space reassembling the closet created.  I know… a functioning closet equals tons of storage… who knew?!

Here’s the “Before”:

The guys moved the dresser out and the shelving tower was anchored in.

I noticed that the old closet rods had off white holders.

Just as I was thinking, “Should I paint those?” this happened:

Tyson accidentally cracked the top holder and the decision was made for me… new closet rod holders it is.  Yay!  The old ones would’ve seriously bugged me every time I opened the closet.

Once the new holders were in, Tyson rehung the doors.  This is like maneuvering a life size puzzle.

But when they’re in, they look… well… just like their suppose to.  I like it!

Then it was time to load it up.

First things, first.  Since we got rid of Tessa’s dresser, we needed a solution for those things that couldn’t be hung up… namely socks, underthings and pajamas.  For these, I was able to find collapsable boxes at Target in their dollar section.  They were $2.50 each… Can you believe it?!  And they are the perfect color.

I grabbed these in the same section.  They are exactly what we needed and the right price.

The rest I reused from before.  I picked up the purple and black damask box at Target a few seasons ago and I’m still kicking myself for only getting one.

I am so thankful for the purple paint we picked.  Everything I’ve found has worked with it perfectly.  I’ve also found containers in grey that compliment the bedding, but I am under strict orders: no grey.

The “After”:

Although we just restored our closet to it’s original function, I still love the idea of thinking outside the box and utilizing the space in a unique way.  So… what’s in your closet?  Have you come up with some creative storage solutions for a closet in your home?  Feel free to share your not so dirty laundry here.

PS. I’ll be linking this post up to the very fun blog “Organize & Decorate Everything”  There are tons of great tips there, so definitely check her out.