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My last post was getting a little long so I thought I’d break it into a two parter.  This second half is just as organized, but not nearly as colorful.

Once the closet was complete, I turned my attention to the rest of the room.  Alex from North of Seven had suggested bringing in a trunk for storage. I like combining that idea with some sort of custom bench seating for under the window.  However, I wanted to see what kind of under the bed solutions I could find first.

When we moved Tessa’s bed to paint, there were several “lost” items under it.  I’m hoping to better utilize that space and in the process keep out anything that doesn’t belong.

The Container Store was a huge help.  We picked up two smaller boxes with compartments for little trinkets and mementos.

We also got a medium size box for craft supplies.  This summer, Tess has been learning to knit and she is always making friendship bracelets.

Lastly, we purchased a large container for her puppets.  Yes… puppets!

(Two points for anyone who recognizes where Tessa and her felt friend are standing.)

Both Tess and Evan were a part of our church puppet ministry for several years.  Their team of middle and high school students were an amazing group that performed in the community and at our church.  If she ever wants to revisit this talent, her gear will be available.

Everything fits neatly under the bed and she has room to add to each of the boxes.

A few tips I’ve discovered so far:

  • By re-evaluating what would stay in the room and why, we then purchased storage that would follow form and function.  Things Tess accesses all the time went in the closet; lesser used items went under the bed.
  • This is a great time of year to be looking for organization and storage solutions.  Many stores have wonderful promotions especially as students are gearing up to go to college.  We’ve been able to get some great deals on bedding too.  More on that to come.

We are in the home stretch of finishing the room and Tess and I are so excited!  We added some storage to her desk and we are in the process of adding a mirror to create a vanity look that I can’t wait to share.

So… as a person who never stores things under the bed, I’d love to hear what you think of this solution.  Am I crazy to think things will stay organized under there?  Will this just turn into a massive stash zone?  What has been you experience?  If nothing else, we don’t have to worry about bedtime monsters lurking under there anymore… I hope.