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Last night, Tyson and I had the opportunity to have dinner with a friend that I’ve known since high school.  Mario was in the area on business and we had a few hours to catch-up with him.

Note to self: Take photos BEFORE the lighting disappears.

A little background… my friends that I had in high school are incredibly special to me. There simply are no words to adequately express what they still mean to me.  Although I don’t get to see them often, (especially now that I live 1200 miles away from where I grew up) they are a part of my family and I feel incredibly blessed that I live in a world with Facebook that can keep us all a little more connected.

The reason I share all of this with you is that during dinner, our conversation turned to things that we are passionate about.  People, interests, the things that refresh our spirit and bring us joy… not just family, but creative pursuits and outlets.  And the deeper questions… how do we make time for those things and even share them with others in our lives?

And then Tyson said, “So… do you know that Danielle has a Blog?”

Yeah… I don’t know… I have a huge problem telling my friends “You should totally check out my blog.” It makes me feel all awkward.  It’s not that I worry what they all will think… it’s more that I feel like I’m saying “Hey, check ME out”.  And seriously, who wants to be THAT person?!

But blogging is something that I am finding that I love to do.  It’s tapping into a creative part of my brain that I don’t get to use as much as I did back in high school.  And I’m getting to meet a lot of really cool people that I am beginning to adore; readers and other bloggers that are incredibly funny and encouraging… new friends.

So to those of you that do check me out, because you stumbled across my blog and decided to stick around, I want to say a huge “Thank You”!  And for those of you who have shared my blog with others and even nominated me for awards… well, all I can say is I’m abundantly blown away!!

Thank you to:

  • Littleprince68 who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blog Award.  Nova was my very first reader on my very first day!  She continues to be such an encouragement to me.
  • Alex at NorthofSeven for nominating also me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  She has an amazing list of nominations that I can’t wait to check out.
  • And Morgan who writes MissDIYMonster also nominated me for the One Lovely Blog and Very Inspiring Blog Awards.  And she seriously has the most fun blog name EVER!

So help a sister out… How do you tell the people in your life that you have a blog?  Do you shout it from the rooftops or post it on Facebook?  Am I over-thinking this? Is it no big deal or do you just not share at all?  I would really love to know how you do it.

And thank you to Mario for a very fun evening.  Brother, you are the best!