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Mirror, Mirror on the wall who knows the coolest bloggers of them all?  I do!

I wanted to say a huge thank you to those that left comments on my last post.  Everyone had interesting insights that I thoroughly appreciated and can completely relate to.

A few things I noticed:

  • None of these bloggers overly share with “real life” people about their blog.  It’s a creative outlet that they never want to make their family and friends feel obligated to read.  I totally agree!
  • You should check them out.  They all have genuine, funny and generous qualities that shine through in their blogs.  None of them come off like they are trying to be “experts” about anything or that they take any of this too seriously.  That’s why they are some of my favorites!
  • We all could be a little less shy.  All these gals are AMAZING!  Every time one of them would comment, I would think “Really? They are totally awesome and should be sharing their blogs with the people they know”.  And so maybe I shouldn’t sweat it as much either.  In the end, if it comes up naturally (which it just doesn’t very often), I’ll put it out there.  Otherwise… I’ll leave the sharing about this blog to Tyson.

Anyhoo… I originally titled this post “Mirror, Mirror” for another reason.  Last weekend, we installed a mirror in Tessa’s room that is fit for a queen!  The new piece helped take her desk from this…

… to this.

Peeking back at the “before” picture really captures how much we are transitioning from young girl to young adult?  *sigh*

Tess and I had the same vision in mind for a mirror to go above her desk.  We wanted an oval style with feminine details. I was able to find this one at Home Goods for $40.  Love!

As for the desk itself, we added some additional storage.

I purchased a small tray from Target’s dollar section for homework supplies.

I also picked up two boxes from their dollar section that holds jewelry and hair accessories.

It was Tessa’s idea to stagger them on the shelf and add her decorative flowers.  I think it’s well staged.

The second shelf will store her flute and music for the upcoming school year.  Nice and compact!

Lastly, I reused a box for her school papers and supplies.  I’m wanting the kids to clean out their backpacks every Friday and store their graded paperwork.  I can’t get over how heavy their backpacks are!  I’m hoping this will help.

Eventually, we will replace the lamp with something a little more modern.

And I picked up some new fabric to change out on the desk chair.  I found it this week along with window coverings that I can’t wait to share!

So there you have it… a place to do homework and to primp.  Hopefully more of the former will take place for awhile.

Again, thank you to everyone that left comments on how you share your blog with others. This most definitely isn’t a closed discussion, so if you have additional thoughts, I’d always love to hear them.

And don’t forget to check out the bloggers that commented.  I truly think you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite blog that I need to check out?  Is there someone that you look forward to reading because they are both creative and genuine?  Feel free to toot their horn here.