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Oh puns… they’re really not my thing, but sometimes you just can’t resist.

Anyhoo… a few weeks ago, Tess decided to help me out with a little research for the chair she wants in her room.  I mentioned before that she has her heart set on an egg chair like this one:

So she shared her list of options with me.  Her first choice was this one:

Once I stopped laughing, she agreed that even by Walmart’s pricing, it’s a “smidge” out of our price range.  The girl’s got taste, though.  She found this one too.

Better, but still over a grand.  Plus, neither of these come in a color that works in her room.  Even if we did have this kind of money to blow, mama don’t want to have to reupholster a brand new chair.

Her third choice and more in the neighborhood was this one.

It’s still more than I want to spend…. which ends up being a good thing.  As I prepped this photo for the post, I realized that this is a listing for THE STAND.  It’s $300 for the stand for the chair, folks… not the chair itself.  OOPS!!  We didn’t catch that earlier.

Not to worry… We also talked about seeing if we could find something a little less egg shaped and a little more affordable.

We all really liked these Pottery Barn chairs… especially the white, furry one.

However, my biggest concerns with having light faux fur were that:

  1. We have two housemates that like to wipe their doggy essence on things.  This wouldn’t look pretty for long.
  2. The room gets warm in the summer making a furry place to sit all the less appealing.

But then we were at JoAnn’s and Tess spotted this one.  At half off, it was $30 bucks and it was SOLD!

Tessa was so excited to get it home, she didn’t even mind that it wasn’t egg-shaped or furry.  The purple is a bit darker than the rest of the room, but we decided with pillows, it’ll work for now.

So that we didn’t have to abandon the furry option all together, I made a white furry pillow instead.  And I am thankful we went with such a small piece.  I have limited experience with furry fabrics and this one shed up a storm.  IT. WAS. EVERYWHERE.  All over the clerk at JoAnn’s that cut the fabric.  All over the clerk that rang me up.  All over me.  All over the workroom floor.  I keep finding white strands of fur in the weirdest places.  You’d think we have a cat.

But the faux fur is SO worth it.  It’s perfect for the chair and the space.

I also picked up this gray beaded number from Marshall’s to round out the look.

My girl is loving the new spot to sit and we’re loving that it didn’t cost thousands of dollars.  Sheesh!  For that kind of money, the chair better cook and clean for me too.

So… what’s the craziest thing you’ve wanted, but almost died over the price?  Were you able to come up with a crazy cheap alternative?  Do you have experience working with fur?  Wait… scratch that last one.  I may not want to know.