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Half the fun of the Pinterest Challenge that I took part in earlier this summer is getting to see all the amazing projects that everyone does.  There are a lot of talented people out there and seeing their take on things is really inspiring.

One of the challenges that I came across was a piece of art that was similar to the one that I did for Tessa’s room.  Of course, I’m dying to show it to you, but I’ve tried to hunt down which blog it was and I’m at a loss.  I didn’t pin it or follow the blog and so, unfortunately, I’m unable to give credit to the gal for this update.  If it’s you… leave me a comment.  I’d love to say a HUGE thank you.

I can tell you there were two things that really stood out about the work:

  1. It was a really fun design.  Of what… I can’t remember.  Awesome, right?  I do that thing where I forget why I walked into a room too.
  2. The application was a bit different.  I had used double sided tape to put together my art.  However, this blogger had used mod podge to finish off her work.  It was brilliant and something that hadn’t occurred to me to use.

Since mine was already finished and framed, I filed the idea away in my brain in case I ever decide to do something like this again in the future.

And then this happened:

While I was working in the room, I heard a funny noise.  I turned around and discovered the tape that I had used was beginning to fail.  I guess I would be getting my mod podge on after all.

I took the art out of the frame and got ready to add mod podge to the center where the petals fell off.

Once I had replaced them, I proceeded to add mod podge over the entire flower.  Since, I was taking this extra step, I thought it might be fun to work in a circular motion for an added, subtle effect.

Now that it’s dry, you don’t see the brush strokes unless you’re looking for them.

Good as new!

I’m so glad that I ended up going back and adding the mod podge.  I think it gives it a more finished look and I don’t have to worry about petals falling apart in the future.

Have you had to go back and redo a project? Scratch that… I read some of your blogs and know that you have.  So instead let’s talk about shortcuts… sometimes they pay off and sometimes they can be… well… regretful.  What’s the worst shortcut you’ve taken that you ended up wishing you hadn’t? Was there a quick fix? Can you laugh about it now?

(For those that are new to Storypiece, you can check out the original post to my project here.)