As you can imagine, last week was a bit of a whirlwind at our house and we capped it off with a weekend away as a family.  Now with two weeks before school starts, things around here are in OVERDRIVE.

It’s actually nothing new.  In fact, every year our anniversary and Tessa’s birthday kick off the busiest time of year for our household and the chaos usually takes us right into New Years.  Autumn is my favorite time of year and it’s definitely the craziest!

And in knowing what lies ahead, one might think that I would be paring back, making space for the things that need to get done and taking time to breathe.  But that’s just not my style.  Instead, today I started contributing to a new blog.  That’s right…  I’m not even sure how I’m going to keep up with Storypiece so it makes perfect sense to take on more.

Actually, it DOES make perfect sense.  As some of you know, I work part-time for my husband and a part of my responsibilities will now include contributing to his blog, Illustration Life.  We will be discussing all the behind the scenes happenings in his studio… projects, events and random life stuff, with a bit of Tyson’s thoughts on art and music.  Some of it will feature things that I’ve already shared here, like the studio remodel.  But there will be new stuff too.

All that to say… this blog isn’t going anywhere.  I’ve got a room reveal to post, an amazing Feature Story in the works and possibly a crazy video in which I make my acting debut. Lots and lots of silliness!  However, if you want to follow along with what’s happening in the studio too, you can check it all out here.

For someone who never considered herself a writer, I’m still not sure how I ended up here. What about you?  What is the craziest thing that you never expected for yourself, but found yourself doing anyhow?  Have you willingly entered into chaos knowing that it would be… well… chaotic?  Was your partner in crime standing at the ready to talk you off the ledge when it all hits the fan?  It will be, if nothing else, interesting.