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So remember earlier when I mentioned we had finished Tessa’s room?  Like three days ago, earlier?

Yeah… about that…

I bought something new.

It wasn’t pillows and it wasn’t an end table, but it was pretty warranted.  Dare I say, necessary?!

Probably not.

You see, over the weekend Tess snagged the throw that we have in our family room and she has been sleeping with it.  It’s cozy and soft; I get why she likes it.  But it’s chocolate brown and it’s throwing off the vibe in her room.

I figured it wasn’t going to be a permanent addition to the space so I wasn’t too worried about it.  However, the blanket hasn’t left her bed since Saturday and it just wasn’t the look I thought we were going for.

Then I went to Marshall’s yesterday in search of something else and I found this.

I knew immediately, we would have a new throw for Tessa’s bed.

It’s fluffy and cozy with girlie rosettes.  I love the plush texture it adds.

Tessa’s response when she got home from school, “It’s a keeper!”

I was able to score this find for $25 and my Marshall’s had it in an even darker eggplant and a stunning aquamarine.  So pretty!

Have you come across any unexpected finds lately?  Have you ever been so excited by an item that you wanted to grab strangers in the store and tell them how perfect it’s going to be when you get it home?  I may have gleefully hugged it to my body the rest of the time I wandered around Marshall’s… that’s not weird, right?