I love food.

I’m definitely not a foodie, however, I seriously admire those that are.  Most of what I provide for my family is pre-packaged and is often served “blackened”.  Let’s just say, I’m very familiar with my smoke detector and how to quickly air out the kitchen before setting it off.

This isn’t a food blog, but as a part of this series of Friday Favorites, I thought it would be good to stretch myself with an occasional recipe.  Get ready… this should be interesting.

Lately, I’ve seen a couple of recipes for dishes with tomatoes and feta; two of our family staples.  So I thought I’d use Food Network’s recipe for Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes as a jumping off point.  I really wanted to do something that could go over pasta and this seemed easily adaptable.

First things first… the tomatoes are suppose to be stuffed.  But as my sweet husband put it, “that sounds like a lot of work”.  Agreed!  I halved a container of grape tomatoes into a bowl.

I then tossed 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a quarter teaspoon of red pepper flake, and a quarter teaspoon of Kosher salt over the tomatoes.

They were then placed close together on a pan and I sprinkled crumbled feta over the top. The whole thing was then put it in the broiler for about 2 minutes, just until the cheese is starting to brown.

The broiler and I are not friends.  I destroy everything whenever I use it.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So I was determined to get this right. I broiled it for EXACTLY two minutes (checking it after one) and success!!

The last part called for black olive paste which I omitted.  I’m not a fan of black olives.  But when I told Tyson I was making this and he expectantly asked “are you using the black olive paste?”, I knew I’d made a mistake.  The man actually read the recipe sitting out on the kitchen counter.  I’ll definitely include it next time.

A pretty simple dinner with lots of thumbs up from the family.  The red pepper flake gave the whole thing a tiny kick without being spicy at all.

As we head into the cooler temperatures of fall, are you trying out any new recipes? Do you have a lot of fun straying from recipes and putting your own twist on things?  Do you have a favorite dish that you make in your broiler?  I’m ready for round two against mine, so do tell.

PS. I just came across this Vintage Recipes article on Yahoo! that I had to share.  It’s crazy awesome! I think our holidays are going to NEED a fruit cake tree this year.  And yes… I’m already thinking about Christmas.  YAY!!  More on that next week…