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I think it’s no secret that I’m pretty traditional.  My Type A personality likes things that are neat and organized and in control.  It’s constantly at war with my creative and short attention span, but whatever.

When it comes to fabrics and patterns, my traditional tendencies really shine through. Give me a stripe, houndstooth, or preppy plaid and I’m a happy girl!

So when I saw this idea in the October issue of Better Homes & Garden, I instantly fell in love.  BHG offered up using a plaid blanket as a table cloth.  Swoon!

Hello gorgeous… what’s not to love?! It’s cozy and preppy and the perfect backdrop for a great fall table.

And so I started searching for plaid blankets.  But I was having a hard time finding one that I liked and I wasn’t completely feeling it since I don’t normally use a table cloth.

I do, however, like to use table runners.  You get the pop of pattern and color, while still enjoying the table surface.  And what resembles a table runner? This baby!

True confessions: I have a scarf addiction.  I constantly wear them and they are reason #27 of why I enjoy living in a cold weather climate.  But I promise this is the only time this one will be around my neck.  This scarf is strictly for home decor because using pieces of my actual wardrobe to decorate the house with would just be… weird.

So wanna see what I did with it?

I had it laid out on our dining table and I’ve recently moved it to our kitchen island with some of my other Halloween decorations.

It absolutely makes me happier than a table runner really should!

And this next part… I completely blame on BHG.  Because if I wouldn’t have been looking for plaid for my table that THEY featured in THEIR magazine, well, this wouldn’t have happened.

Oh… Marshall’s you know how to entice a girl.  These Jaime Boots by Rampage are so comfy and for $30 they screamed “Take Me Home Tonight!”

What’s that you say, Marshall’s? You have MORE footwear that I NEED in my life.  Oh be still my preppy heart!

These came home with me too.  Good thing I’ve been saving up my mad money or this girl would’ve had some explaining to do.

Is there a pattern or style that gets you every time you see it?  Have you done any decorating utilizing things in a non-traditional way?  Why is it that some shopping trips are fruitless and others leave you wanting to take home one of everything?