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Eeek… I’m SO excited!!


I’m so glad you asked!

Because, it’s time for…

Last week, Sherry Petersik from Young House Love and Katie Bower of Bower Power announced the Fall Edition of their Pinterest Challenge.

I’m super excited not only because this girl loves a good challenge, but it also gives me a great excuse to take a break (read procrastinate) on my current project and actually do something new with all the fun ideas I’ve been collecting on Pinterest.  Although the challenge is not sponsored by Pinterest, it’s a blast!  For those that are interested, you can read about the crazy Picaken I made for the Winter Challenge and see the Paint Chip Art I made for the Summer Edition.

This time around, Sherry and Katie invited Sarah from The Ugly Duckling House and Carmel of Our Fifth House to co-host the challenge.  All of these gals are amazingly talented… you’ll definitely want to check them out.

Because we are getting into a busy time of year, I really wanted to select a project that would enhance our holidays.  I had pinned this idea from Jellybean Junkyard that seemed like the perfect option.

Last year, I did something similar, but not nearly as clever.  Throughout November, each of us wrote down things we were thankful for on leaf shapes and then stuck them to brown craft paper that I had hanging in the kitchen.  They were then read over Thanksgiving Dinner.  This idea of putting the thankful notes in a daily pocket is a much more polished version and I’m looking forward to being able to reuse it annually.


  • Various Colored Paper/Cardstock – I used The Rustic Stack from DCWV that I already had on hand.  I wanted something that looked a little antiqued and using one of their packs made it easy to coordinate multiple prints.
  • Envelopes
  • Ribbon
  • Glue Stick
  • Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Adhesive Lettering in various sizes and colors.

Decorative Pockets:

1.  Prep and cut envelopes – Jellybean Junkyard used coin envelopes, but since I already had a ton of card size envelopes on hand, I used those.  I sealed the envelopes shut and then cut the tops off leaving me with a pocket 4 3/8″ wide and 4″ tall.

2. Cut scrapbook paper to cover envelopes – I selected 6 of my favorite papers and cut them to size (4/38″ x 4″).

3. Glue the paper to the envelopes – I like that even if you see a bit of the black envelope underneath, it will go with the black ribbon that I’m planning on adding.

4. Create numbers for each envelope – You can use stickers, but for a cheap alternative, I typed some up in Word, printed and then cut them out with my circle cutter.

5. Cut and tape ribbon – I used 6″ strips of black and champagne colored ribbons and then taped one to each of the envelopes.

6. Add numbers – Double-sided tape is perfect for this.

Pennant Style Bunting:

To cap off the display, I thought I’d make bunting.  I haven’t played with this popular trend and this seemed like the ideal project to try it with.

1. Cut Scrapbook Paper – Because I used 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to cover the envelopes, I had several left over pieces that were around 3 3/8″ x 4″.  They were perfect for the bunting.

2. Create a notch – Cut a notch out of the bottom of one of the cards to create a pennant look.  I then used that as a template for the other cards to duplicate the look.

3. Apply self-adhesive lettering.

4. String it Together – To finish it all off, I punched holes into the cards and strung them up with ribbon.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am with the final result.  For a self-professed paper junkie like myself, it’s so fun to see this display every time I walk into the kitchen.  And I’m even more excited that the display is up and ready to go for November 1st.  I feel so prepared!

What I’m NOT excited about is how this project has photographed.  It looks WAY more country cottage than I like.  It’s so orange and all of the sparkle and texture is lost.  Not even Photoshop and my talented husband can save these photos.  Does looking at it from an artsy angle help?

Not even a little.  In real life, it looks a lot more elegant and vintage.  However, this gives you a sneak peek at our next major renovation: updated kitchen cabinets coming to the blog in early 2013… YAY!!

Have you been inspired to try something new because of Pinterest? Are you participating in the latest Pinterest Challenge?  Who’s finding themselves getting more crafty as the holidays rev up? ‘Tis the season to fire-up your glue gun.

**If you’re stopping by from the Pinterest Challenge, please be sure drop me a note in the comments below.  There are literally hundreds of projects that get linked up, so I’d love to hear from you and to find out what you were inspired to create.  And don’t forget you can check out all of the amazing projects that are linked up with Sherry, Katie, Sarah and Carmel.