Around these parts, we love Halloween.  Not because we like all the gory, spooky stuff, but because we’re a family of goofballs and it’s a day to let our creativity run rampant… much like Mike Meyers in a summer camp.

This year after the kids told me early on which costumes they wanted to wear, I, in all my amazing mom-ness, managed to wait until the last minute to try to get them.  Of course, everything was sold out.  Big surprise.  But at least I did it to both of them so no one can claim favorites.

Tess had wanted to be Frankie Stein from Monster High.  And not just any one…. there are several versions.  She wanted the one from the Sweet 1600 Party.  She was very specific. And hugely disappointed that they were sold out.  So we came up with a Plan B: Princess Leia.  Thankfully, it came with the bun wig, making her super enthusiastic and Frankie became a distant memory.

Evan on the other hand decided to be Steve from Blue’s Clues.  We watched a TON of Blue’s when he was little and he even had the green striped shirt.  Once when he was wearing it, two littler kids approached my 5 year old like they were meeting a celebrity.

True story.

The original shirt he selected, was sold out, but we found an alternative.  I can’t believe that we used to have a huge cache of notebooks and crayons and now nothing.  So Evan made his own.  I think it came out pretty well.

As for Tyson and I, well… let’s just say we’re letting our hair down a bit.

Happy Halloween!