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I’m STILL working on my vintage sign and yes, it’s taking FOREVER!  But it’s not because, as the title suggests, I’m lounging around.  I promise you’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly details on all of it very soon.

But for today, I thought I’d show you a quick little project I’ve had on the back burner.

As some of you know, several years ago, I had my own business; a workroom sewing home decor.  I loved working with clients and the challenge of many of the projects that I was hired to do.  My favorite was working with interior designers who had a unique vision for a space and needed custom draperies, pillows and other items to achieve the look.  It was a ton of fun collaborating with such creative people.

The story I want to share, however, occurred while picking up an order from one of my favorite wholesale suppliers.  While roaming their store, I noticed this cushion stashed in a corner.

(Sorry… it’s an old photo.)  It measures 24 inches square and is 5 inches deep… well made and complete fluffiness!

No one in the shop seemed to know where it had come from or even how much they were selling it for.  Most likely a cancelled and forgotten order, for a few bucks it found a new life with me.

But once I got it home, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my new find.  It was much too large for a standard accent pillow, too cushy to build into an ottoman… decisions, decisions.

And then I found this retro, graphic fabric.

A gold and robin egg blue overlapping circular print; I like its masculine vibe.  It’s soft, durable and ideal for a floor pillow.  Bonus points that it’s the perfect colors for our family room.  I cut the fabric to size and made welting to complete the look.

The family has enjoyed having something to lounge on during movie night and homework time.  In fact, I had no idea how much use this cushion would get when I came across it. Sometime you just never know what you need until you have it.

Have you ever rescued an item that you weren’t sure what you were going to do with it… you just knew you would regret NOT getting it?  Is there something you’ve brought home that you didn’t know how much you would use it until you owned it?  Do you have a project that feels like it is never ending?