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This week I managed to throw my lower back out.  Sewing.

That takes serious talent… I know.

I was bent over a table working on a gift for my brother’s birthday when my body announced with a pop that it would no longer be moving around the torso area.  (More on his gift next week.)

I wasn’t sure what all of this would mean for the blog this week since I’m not so organized that I have posts written in advance and I’m moving like an elderly woman.  Then I realized that we have a very delicious story unfolding in our home right now that I haven’t told you about yet.

Tessa has started baking pies.  Completely from scratch.

It all started innocently enough when she asked her Dad if she could bake him something and he suggested an apple pie.  I quietly gave him the death glare.  I knew this meant I would be helping make an apple pie which I wasn’t really up for at that particular moment. So I suggested that maybe HE would want to help instead.

And off they went… making apple pie like they do it all the time!  She found a recipe. He cored and sliced the apples. She made crust from scratch. He altered the recipe and added cinnamon and spices.

Look at these two getting ready to put their first pie in the oven, like it’s no big deal.

But I think it’s a HUGE deal.  I bake better than I cook, but I still don’t make a lot from scratch.  And I never, EVER make homemade pies.  This pie was A-MAY-ZING!!

Like, get in my belly – good!!  And I don’t even like apple pie.  So they agreed to make a pecan pie next.

But when Tyson and I went out for date night, we came home to this:

Tess couldn’t wait for her Dad to get home, so she just made the whole thing herself.  I’m not gonna lie… it was TO DIE FOR!  And I knew then that our holidays would be filled with fresh baked pie.  Yum!

Now she’s just a pie making machine.  She made pumpkin pie that was perfection.

And this week, while I’ve been nursing my ibuprofen and heating pad, my daughter has been helping bake pies at our church for the Middle School Youth Group Thanksgiving Formal.

She agreed to help me out on the blog by taking a couple of photos.

Tess was particularly excited when she rolled out the dough and it started to look like a turkey.

She and her leader made pumpkin, pecan and apple for the dinner.

Last night the pies were served up as all of her church friends gathered to give thanks. I’m so very proud of my girl and I love getting to watch her turn this new talent into something that can bless others with.

Has someone in your home surprised you with a new skill ?  Do you have a favorite pie that you would recommend Tessa try baking?  Have you ever randomly injured yourself on a project?  Who knew sewing could be so dangerous?!