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As we sit less than one month away from Christmas, I’m dying to tell you about the holiday projects that I’ve been working on.  But since I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet, I thought, instead, I’d share a quick craft project that I came across on Pinterest.

The original idea came from this post by Simply Kierste.  She created very cute personalized ornaments from wood cutouts that she picked-up at JoAnn’s.  I decided to use this idea as a jumping off point and have the ornaments double as name tags for the gifts we are giving this year.

To start off, I found these wooden tags from Michael’s for .29 each.

Then I picked scrapbooking paper that would compliment my gift wrap.  I scored this huge pack at JoAnn’s for $8.  (It feeds my paper addiction.)

I traced the wooden tags onto the back of the selected scrapbook paper.

And then I cut the tags out.

Kierste suggested personalizing the ornaments with vinyl letters, but I hand wrote mine with a Sharpie.  I also think another great option would be to play around with fonts on the computer and print them out for the tags.

Then it was time to crack open the Mod Podge.

Once the first set was done, I felt like it needed something more.  The light green swirls got a little washed out in the glaze and the tags were looking a bit plain.  So I re-wrote the names and year on white card stock and added them to the tags.  I like that the layered paper gives the whole thing more dimension.

To finish up the tags, I added pretty ribbon to each.

I ended up creating three different versions for my family and friends.

Tess suggested the green ribbon with the red tags and this combo is probably my favorite. The girl has a great eye!

Now as I’m wrapping presents to ship out, it’s fun adding these gift tag ornaments to each one.

This festive project was simple, quick and easy.  However, if I were to make these again, I would definitely opt for funkier name tag paper and plainer gift wrap.  A lot of the details on the finished tags are very subtle and they get lost in the overall look.

How is your Christmas planning going?  What have you found on Pinterest that is making its way into your holiday preparation? Are you, like me, starting to avoid Pinterest so that you don’t get any more ideas that you feel compelled to sneak in? Normally, I can keep a healthy Pinterest perspective, but I’m starting to want to make one of everything.  There’s just too many amazing ideas!

I’m sharing this post at the “Dare to DIY” Party hosted by Decor and the Dog, Maybe Matilda, Newly Woodwards and Two Twenty One.  Check out all the handmade gift ideas that are being rounded up.  They are sure to inspire even more holiday ideas.