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I love when my kiddos are out of school.  And we have one more week before they are off for two glorious weeks.  YAY!  Christmas Break is the best!  And I think I’m going to take a Christmas Break too… From this blog.


I had a different post planned for today, but then a funny thing happened this week.  A funk settled in.  Between reading other blogs and floating around on Pinterest, what was once inspiring me is beginning to make me feel, well, inadequate. Discontent. Dissatisfied.  DISTRACTED.

Christmas Decor

And it’s lame.  Lame because I know better.  Because none of that stuff is true or even important.  Because keeping up with the “Internet Jones’s” is NOT what I want to be about.

Christmas Lights

So I’m taking a break.  I’m going to bake and craft and decorate and enjoy the beauty of this time of year and not take a single picture to share with you here.  It’s my hope that you have an amazing season with family and friends and that you have the courage to say “No” to all of the crazy chaos that likes to creep in.

Paper Stars

Merry Christmas!  I’m looking forward to all kinds of new stories to share in 2013.