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We just finished with the kitchen ceiling and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  Painting the ceilings in our home has been a labor of love and I’m so glad they are finally D.O.N.E.!

When we moved into our home in 2000, it came with plain vanilla walls and a heavy knockdown plaster texture on most of the ceilings.

Knockdown Plaster

It’s flatter than the sprayed “popcorn” look and I’ve been told, this style is suppose to be a feature.  However for Tyson and I, it has just become a royal pain. The heavy texture requires the use of a very rough nap roller and a TON of arm strength to get into all the crevices. Plus the ceilings have never been painted, so they really suck up the paint, requiring a few coats for full coverage.  On the other hand, we’re uninterested in having the texture removed so we gladly paint.

With our kitchen having high ceilings, we figured it would be no minor task.  For the rest of our vaulted ceilings, we rented scaffolding, but we knew that couldn’t be used in our kitchen. This project was going to require the use of ladders and poles and it quickly fell to the bottom of our “to-do” list.

Vaulted Kitchen

We even had areas where we had painted as far as we could reach and then stopped.

Unfinished Work

Classy, right?

Since we would be working on the high kitchen ceilings, we also included this open area sandwiched between our kitchen and family room that needed to get done too.

Vaulted Ceiling

Our primary goal was to get the high stuff painted while Tyson was on break from work so that when he gets busy again, I can keep this project moving with the lower stuff.

Tyson got everything prepped and was ready to get to it.


Will Work For Music

Maybe it’s because it was the last of the ceilings or maybe it’s because it’s easy to make a mountain out of a mole-hill project, but Tyson was able to make quick work of the last of the ceilings and we both can’t get over how much it has cleaned up the space.

It’s difficult to show good “before and after” photos since the “after” are still a light tan and they pretty much look like they are suppose to.  Probably the best example is the section of ceiling where we had stopped painting.


Unfinished Work


Painted Ceiling

Yup… Looks exactly like it should.  Flat and even. When you are in the space, the texture is definitely down played and it all feels fresh and clean.

The most challenging part of the entire job came when Tyson got paint in his eye. Painting overhead typically means that paint is bound to get everywhere. However, Tyson got paint literally stuck on the inside of his eyelid and it would not go away. A doctor had to clean it out and Tyson got some stylin new protective eye wear.

Safety First

I can’t explain the hammer, but here’s a free tip from us to you:  Paint on the inside of your eyelid is no fun.  Protective eyewear = super fun!

What new paint projects are you working on? Have you tackled any new tasks that you thought would be more challenging than they ended up being?  Have you had to learn DIY safety the hard way?