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Our home is very open and you can see many of the rooms from different angles. It’s one of the features we absolutely loved about the place when we first saw it and we have had tons of fun playing with color and accent walls within the space.  In fact, I recently realized we have 15 different paint colors throughout our home.  Saying we aren’t afraid of color is maybe an understatement.

However, I’ve noticed the trend of having multi-colored walls within a room is getting… dare I say it… a bit dated.  I don’t know… I still like the idea, but I’m just not seeing the trend of accent walls as much as I once did.  And there are spots in our home that could use some freshening up.  So since we had the paint, tarps and ladders out, our little kitchen project crept into a few other areas too.

In our dining room we had an accent wall that we both were kinda done with.

Accent Wall

Tyson was feeling like the red was played out so he wanted to update that. For me, I wanted to say goodbye to the accent wall all together. We killed two birds and continued the taupe that was in the rest of the room and kitchen across that wall.

Dining Room Wall

This wall also bends down the stairs, around into the family room.

Old Paint Meets New Paint

We decided to cover the lower wall (which is a part of the family room) with Chocolate Sparkle to shift that room from having three colored walls to two.

Lower Family Room Wall

Tyson’s not super excited about the stark contrast where the two colors meet, but I like that the new paint balances and streamlines the colors that you see when you are in a particular room.

New New Paint

We also needed to paint this cut-out on our stairs.  This house has more pot shelves and niches than I know what to do with.  But that is a discussion for another post.

Cut-out Before

We will eventually frame in the shelf with molding (and possibly lighting) to accent this spot.

Painted Shelf

I also came home from picking up more paint and Tyson was ready to tackle this small hall off the family room.

Hall Before

More neutral paint… yes, please.

Hall After

The doors getting a coat of paint and some trim are also on our “to-do” list.  Someday… someday…  For now, the painting is complete and I’m happy to be living without tarps and tools everywhere.

Do your projects creep into other areas? How have trends and/or your tastes changed over the last few years?  And since I have kitchens on the brain, I thought I’d share this article on Hot Kitchen Trends for 2013.  Lots of things that we are considering which is always encouraging.  See any new ideas that inspire you?