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I was going to originally title this post “Sofa King” because Tyson and I are pretty much unable to have a discussion about sofas without one of us referencing the completely inappropriate and wickedly funny SNL skit spoofing a late night commercial for a furniture showroom called Sofa King.  Have you seen it?  It features Shia LaBeouf with a really bad unibrow and the cast sharing such brilliant zingers as “That deal is Sofa King, great!”  Maybe it’s because we don’t use that word or the way that SNL gets away with essentially dropping the F-bomb a dozen times without being censored, but we end up giggling like a couple of 8 year olds saying the word “fart” every time we think about it.  We are so juvenile… I know.  What I didn’t know until writing this is that Sofa King is a whole thing in the Urban Dictionary and there are sites dedicated to merchandising this phrase.  Friends… I’m so naive.  And old.  Good grief… if you’re still interested, read on…

Now that all the Christmas decorations are down, everything in our home looks clean and bare.  Normally I find it a little depressing, but this year I’m finding it incredibly inspiring. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get things looking closer to what we’ve envisioned. 2012 saw us able to take care of some long overdue needs and we are hoping that this year will allow us to enjoy some long overdue wants.  And one such “want” is a new sofa for our family room.

So the Sofa King came up this morning over coffee as we discussed goals for 2013.  Our current sofa is 16 years old and has been a major workhorse.  Could it get us through a few more years?  Probably.  Would it be nice to have something new and updated?  Absolutely.

We spent the morning brain storming ideas.  And just like that, we shifted from goal setting to shopping… because let’s face it, shopping is WAY more fun than financial planning.

Our family room is long and narrow and we’ve decided that we would love to have a sectional in the space.  We are still trying to decide if we should go with an L-shaped sectional or one with a chaise.  I think we are leaning toward a chaise style since it keeps the room feeling more open, but that is always up for discussion.

We are also looking for the best bang for our buck.  We really need something that can handle two large dogs, two teenagers… plus their friends, our friends… you get the idea. We don’t want to pay through the nose and we are still trying to figure out what is “reasonable” for a good quality piece.

We’ve narrowed our style search down to these possibilities:

Sectional #1


We really like the chaise style of this sectional with it’s clean lines.  The color is beautiful, but could be problematic for the traffic it needs to handle.

Sectional #2


This sectional from Crate & Barrel is really cool too.  It feels more like a sofa and less like a sectional and could really work out nicely in the narrow room.

Sectional #3

Pearce Sectional

My butt got to actually “test-drive” this one at our local Pottery Barn and I’m not gonna lie… it was niiiiiice!  It’s more of a traditional sectional so I’m not sure if it will cut off too much of the room, but the fabric is really durable making it a definite contender.

So we could really use your input. Do you have a sectional and how has it worked for your lifestyle?  Have you purchased a new piece of furniture and found a specific time of year is the best time to buy?  Is there an SNL skit that makes you laugh like no other?  Juvenile responses are completely acceptable.